Sunday, May 2, 2010

Magic Mirror

"Life is like a ride at an amusement park. When you go on it you think it’s real because that’s how powerful our minds are. You enjoy the ride for a while and then you come to the point where you ask: “Is this real or is this just a ride?” Others have remembered and have come back to remind us “don’t be afraid ever because this is just a ride.” And we kill these people . It’s just a ride. It doesn’t matter because it’s just a ride no choice, no effort, no job, no savings account, just a choice right now between fear and love."

Each one of us has the magic mirror. The secular critic in all of us holds us the magic mirror and goes Whew! Big trouble, we need this. This is important.

Contributing work. So many of us are dedicated to holding up the mirror of “what’s wrong with us?” What’s wrong must be illumined.

The next part is part of the process and the journey. We wave our hands over it and turn it into a window: and look how beautiful it could be. New precious life, and re-dedication.

With a wave of our hand it becomes a door, “let’s go there now.” This is “window, mirror, door” time. Focusing where we focus will begin to open up. Whenever we focus on something, look to how does it make us feel when we focus on it, versus beating the drum of what’s wrong?

The whole system we live in drills into us that we are powerless, weak that our society is evil, that it’s fragmented. It’s all a big fat lie. We are powerful, beautiful, extraordinary. There is no reason why we can’t understand who we truly are where we are going. There is no reason why the average person cannot be fully empowered. WE are incredibly powerful beings.

I spent so many years of my life trying to be good at something. I thought “I’m not ok the way I am but if I got good at things then maybe I’d be powerful.” I had the game wrong. The game was to find out what I already was.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ocean of Love

What we are "niggling at you" about is the changes you are experiencing now, not at some future date but in the ever present now. They key is the heart where we connect up with the source, which is love. Anything that blocks this or doesn't appear to be love, through being guided by your own inner compass, will take you to the opening, to the door.

You were right when you saw you were creating this play. You see the people, the players, the cast and you see that some are in pain and some are entrenched in the world. Yet they all have a way, which is magical, to go to the deeper places and so there is a recognition where you rejoice upon meeting them.

Do not be deterred from your course. Keep connecting and going deeper inside to the mystic places. Keep your heart open and creative and free. Move your body like never before while you have one, because as you go towards this symbolic tipping point, this place of no return, you must be ready for the comfort of your body to be light as air, with your feet solidly on the ground of your being. This is the place of safety and refuge.

Build that temple of love within your being and be that place that issues forth the light for all to see. Be the representative of love that you seek on the outside to make it know that it is possible to attain enlightenment - like the light house you sometimes see in your visions showing you the way around rocky shoals to safe water.

Not much is need to go to this place. The smallest of bags, the lightest of wings to take you home to the Ocean of Love. My little salt person, you are continually arising within yourself to meet me and melt into my embrace.

No yoga, mantra, tantra need be. You are already here in the heart space of love. You've made the distinctions that the three D world have afforded you which are the sharp outlines of what is helpful and not so great. With no judgment, you witness and you relate back to the heart. The heart knows what you do not know. Drop in to that place to know where to go next. Rest and take your time and go easy and simple. Simplify at all times.

Relationship truly are the ark of our ascension. As you are preparing to ascend we are waiting for you on the other side in celebration and homecoming.

"Swim little fishy, swim if you can" over all the perceived obsticles in the waters and rivers of life. Observe and sing your love song for all the world to hear. Sing your heart song. Sing. Sing as if there were no tomorrow. Prepare for Reunion.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Purple Crocus Love

Everything that needs to be is known is know. In order to unlock the door you need the key. The key is the heart. There are different ways to get to it, to realize it, to become it. When something pricks the heart, it's like the rose thorn and you react. Your attention will be drawn to that particular essence that unlocks the door to the Beloved. Where ever your attention is, there you are.

The door to the heart is the door to the treasure house where everything is stored: the past, the future, which only really exists for this time and reality.

• Going backwards, backpedaling and then you're stuck again.

The body wants to be comfortable, comforted and be resting. Then you get the green light and you are off and going on another thread, riding the razors edge. You are climbing that ladder of awareness and you stop to pick up the old pain or pattern. It's like a wave and then the wave sucks you back. It's all part of the cycle, the cleansing and clearing process. Everything is pure, exactly as it is. We get stuck in an eddy. All of this is appropriate, in order to realize the ultimate goal we all wish for: our Home Coming, our Reunion, our coming back to ourselves more and more.

• Forgive self and other. This is the mantra for now.

We are here on the other side and there is a small crimson suture that we are constantly pulling on. Whatever the story, we are pulling it through the landscape of the story, pulling the suture of the soul through the landscape of the story, and delivering it to Reunion.

• This is a world of duality.

You can't know what you want until you know what you don't want. As you go along, you have a strategies for protecting your self which work up to a certain point. As you begin to take up the practices which consciously extend and raise you up this" ladder of yoga" (as they say in her class: You're going up the Eight Limbs of Patanjali Yoga.) all of a sudden the coping mechanisms don't work any more. You want the comfort of not having to go too fast. We can accommodate that.

• The wave or cycle of life.

There is still the momentum of the wave that is a part of a huge ocean. We love the example of having the Being made of Salt. It goes into the ocean andgets absorbed into the water (the great solvent) of which we are made up of. The next wave comes putting the salt back upon the shore where another Being arises. The cycle goes on and on.

In this cycle, this particular being, is seeing the vision of embodying awareness, embodying consciousness. She's on to the good thing, the right track, because of what really was painful, that thorn, that niggling thing that drew her back, was placed in her heart to remind her "that wasn't good (that experience) or that was good." That's discrimination. Of that you want and of this you don't want. If one where to love and connect with another person, would you grab for them or would you embrace the heart? Find ways to curl up inside the embrace of the heart.

• Who am I?

They are synchronicities: the impression or imagine of life, like a stage with props and scenery, costumes and what have you. You are moving through the scenery of the moment, the play. It's the same names revolving from the name of a shop, to the name of a person, all symbolically revolving around you. That's how transparent life is. You can actually create and are involved in this whole phenomenal universe

• The Religion of Love

A Religion of Love is a Religion of the Heart. That's why the scenery in the beginning of this play/Lilla was Krishna. Then there was Hanuman jumping through space and he's got his chest ripped open to reveal his heart, his burning devotional heart. (Later borrowed by Christianity) Krishna, Christ, there is very little difference when it comes to the Devotional aspects of these traditions.

Story of Hanuman (Body tingles)

Hanuman didn't realize the great strength he had. He didn't think he had the strength to jump over the ocean to Lanka to rescue Sita for his Lord Rama. But his fellows were chanting: "you can do this. You can do this. You can do this…" He ripped open his chest, took a mighty leap over the sea all the way to where Sita was captive in Lanka. In his devotion to Rama (Pause as it's is very charged energy)

Love is always leading us to a deeper garden, the deeper depths of our being. Love is the key and love is not in a physical place. Its' eternal, like this beautiful, beautiful radiant light that's bathing us, surround us, an amazing jewel pulsing and flowering: it's in nature, its in everything It is everything. It's so beautiful so beautiful (whispering and very) this is like the most precious gem that's gifted into the hearts of those who will have it.

This one here wants to embody it; she wants to shine it out. She wants to give it to who those who ever would want it and would value it. She wants to just be in that light. That's her promise and purpose. She's so beautiful. So Loving. Who would forgive all the things she's forgiven? Who has a heart like that? It's as if there were a big basket or a pond, and there are all these beautiful flowers and lilies floating in the water and she picked the flower of love. She promised to be that.

Heartfelt Place of Love

There is a whole group of people, like Lakshmi standing on a cloud at the heart of it all. She's the center of the flower, the fertility, the abundance and Prakriti, nature. She has her string tied to this one but then there are others who come through at different times. I see a butterfly, a pulsing butterfly.

There is a whole line or group to the physical who gave the DNA and the other group behind that that gives the nectar to the soul essence. That nectar is going to the center of the flower (Lakshmi), of the nectar. It holds the pollen on its feet which is given to this one lying here. She's getting fed by the nectar of all these different flowers: (essences, teachings) all these different lineages, Not particularly one religion or another, but that heartfelt place of love. Many people have come through but, there being no time and space, for this being, this one particular expression, this life there is a whole soul group here. Some of them are Native American that are standing up there are very close to nature. Quite a few yogis truth seekers, those are the main ones, some shamans, some Christian ones, a monk, some Angelic ones. But when ever she passes through a different loka or world there will be that nectar or specific essence there for her.

It's always the same energy behind the expression. Still that mother of love. The Bliss Mother. Still the center of the flower, the original essence of nature. Still that core connected to the taproot that is anchored in love. Somehow we only way to get there is through the experience, the body and the heart. To keep practicing love. Keep one's attention on love at all times.

There are lots of other things that can distract you that are not like the love. They're ok... no judgment but the wave force is "whoosh", the one she's surfing on, it’s the wave of love, it's the flower of love. Any tradition that has stood for that has been very attractive to her.

There are many maps. Yoga's a map, much clearer map for her now. At some point you put the map aside and you unlock the door with that key. Yoga's the key right now and you walk to through the door.You can't put into words what's on the other side of the door. You just experience it. And that is enough. Does that make sense? She's going. She's got a lot of energy and enthusiasm for this journey.

Here's another thing: there are many others such as yourselves, people who are coming now because of her… her "a-door-able ness": she's a door, an opening. She it the way shower, and there are lots of you and you are dancing together.

This morning there was playing "I want to dance the night away.." There she was driving down the street, rocking back and forth, doing this wave thing with her hands. Everybody sitting in their cars looking straight a head, so serious and she's singing at the top of her lungs "I want to dance the night away."

You are all coming to play together. That's really what it's all about. A celebration. A homecoming. Coming from the heart space and celebrating each other. That's what the relationships are about. Of course she wants to be in the heart center and give the heart center rather than the root center. The root center's there and grounds into this reality but you anchor yourself and then you fly up to the heart, to that suture: the one given you by the ones who have come before you and left their footprints. Then off you go, your spirit flies and surfs and cavorts in the ethers in the heavenly places. You're surfin! Whoosh there you go! There you go! Whatever sunbeam you're on, whatever wave your surfacing beyond is supported by the power of love.

• Is there anything else you can share with her so that she can stay focused and feel connected with you? Is there any way you ca n let her know (Like an itch or color) She knows it s a tingle in the body?

Also very proud of her of saying what she felt to her friend "oh you are such a beautiful being." It was perfect, great. Writing the letter to her former husband. These little acts are no small potatoes. No small thing.

Yesterday morning the sun was coming through the window and hit her face and there was a beautiful light of colors and fractal and feeling the sun: being available for the blessing and putting her self in a situation that is going to up the possibility of a good experience or a connection with spirit with us, the heart. That keeps us on track and then she asks, "What is that resistance?" It's just that little back currant again. It's just that part of life, going "I'm not ready for that just yet" Relax. There is no rush. When you are ready. " When you can strengthen those areas of resistance, those areas that bring you back to the heart, that bring you back to joy and happiness to really celebrate life and have fun.

Is there something I need to know that I am not aware of? (Nic)

Ah. You are loved. Allow yourself to receive more love. Allow yourself to become that love that you sometimes think is hidden or unattainable. Love yourself. Keep more of that love for yourself. Don’t' be so anxious to give it away. You need to lay back and let go into that love and not feel that there is anything you need to do to deserve that love. Let love arise in you. Let love surround you. Let love nestle into your heart and take root in your being. Trust that you are loved and that you are love. Feel it. There's a deep purple color surrounding you, caressing you. That's the only nourishment you need to seek. Love. Purple Love. Purple Crocus Love.

Aware that it times to go. Time limit. No problem. Thank you for the Blessing. I say "En lekesh. I am another You." I am only you. The whole body pulsates and tingles with this love. I am getting the name crocus, this beautiful crocus, my little crocus blessing. Until the next time. Thank you .

Monday, October 26, 2009

In the Spun Bud of the Heart

The burning is intense. Taking the light through the centers is unbearable. My heart is beating twice as fast a normal. My hands burn and sweat, as do the backs of my arms and legs. I take off every piece of clothing I can and still remain decent. This is the end of the processes.

I had come into the day thinking: "Great! I have something to share. I am seeing the resolution of Resistance, the theme that I started with. I was with family, spiritual family. All was well."

Then came the gift that was poison. The "knowing better" dressed up as "treat" - gooey chocolate (now that I come to think of it, it was dry and hard) chocolate cake.

Why is that we give one another a "toxic mimic", a replacement for the real love we truly desire, giving in the form of surprise birthday dinners ("I ate so much I felt like throwing up!") presents whose wrappers get thrown on the garbage heap and which we really don't need as a "token" of our love?" Why can't we give one another a tender touch, a loving embrace, attention, time and compassion?

I wonder if it's the cake? I can't concentrate. I want to crawl into a fetal ball and disappear. I want to not feel this. What seemed so promising and exciting is now my worst nightmare.

"Rest in the Throne of your Heart " the voice is saying. This feeling is so frightening, so overwhelming: His anger and sadness, the other's indifference to me. Someone else ignoring me completely with a hand out and finger shushing me, passing me by without a glance.

It's all about me at this instant
It's always about me
Me playing small
My heart beating fast
Passing me by for a more promising younger sexier version
All with its promises and pain.

My heart is afraid, tired from all the promises held out to me in the form of gratification: cake, relationship's that are not good for me.

I get excited and then I get so scared! So overwhelmed, like my heart is jumping out of my chest. So I do the next smart thing and ask for support.

He says: "The heart is the healer, rest in your Inner Garden." And now the tears are streaming down my face. How could he know that my mother's dying words were" In the garden: I'll meet you there." He says, "In the Spun Bud of the Heart is a Place of Peace."

He asks me what takes me there? I say that I have had a picture of my Guru who initiated me hiding behind a picture of Amma. Every once in a while he peaks out. I put him at the foot of my bed on my alter. I heard in my yoga studies that your Guru can intervene for you and is the promise of your initiation to guide you through troubles waters and to meet you when you cross over the bridge to the next life.

I pray to him: I do 108 rounds of Om Guruji Namaha" and by the end of that I am usually asleep or at peace.

I first met Daviananda Saraswati Maharaj whilst staying at the Optimum Health Institute in Lemon Grove in 1998. He was the penultimate Guru. I laughed as I went up for Darshan. If ever there was going to be a Guru for me, he was it. He was stunningly beautiful. So COOL!!!

"Guruji" as he liked to be called, was known as The Swami From the Himalayas". He did austerities like standing in ice-cold water, living in a cave and mediating for many years. Before that he was involved in the Gandhi Peace Movement. He must have been in his 70's when I met him. He gave me the name Adya Devi, which means the feminine principle of the Universe that always was and always will be - eternal everlasting MA!

I am here with a Benevolent Aide to my aching, burning heart who he tells me, "Do that then. And go slow and be COOL."

Cool to me is not being glamorous. It's being in the trenches of your heart and feeling all of it. It is being willing to allow the pain and let the fire transform you. I am game, so I am going with this.

"If you see something painful and anguishing to the heart, why do keep taking it up?" He asks. "Pick a symbol that is cool instead. "Take the Tarot card Temperance and contemplate it. The mind cannot follow the emotions. The emotions are too quick for the mind. Symbolism speaks directly to the heart in a language that it understands. The root languages take us deep into Nature where the English language can only scratch the surface.

Explore the cool, take it slow and be wiling is all that's asked

The Story of the Chickpea

The chickpea jumps to the top edge of the pot and says:
"I am burning!" The cook swats him down again with his ladle.
He says" you are simmering.
You are mixing with spice and seasoning.
Have you forgotten the Garden where you drank the spring rains
Where you where nurtured in the belly of Earth?
That was for this is for
To become a nourishing meal
For the Beloved."

Something like that.
To be Picked by the Beloved for the Transformative Body of Love.

Come Back to the Heart
Rest There
Be cool
Be Yourself,
Take Repose in
The Heart of Hearts

There is Nothing to do
Just the subtlest movement
The Tenderest Touch

Neither This nor That
No doing of any kind
Breathing in and breathing out
Composed ….Cool
Simmering, Soft, Allowing
Letting myself be held in
The Arms of The Beloved

MG 26 Oct 2009
After Workshop week
With Sarman and Devi Tide

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Only Way Out Is In

We can all be forceful with who and what we think we are. When one is weak one over uses that distinction in order to feel a sense of power over the other. Some are so focused on themselves that they do not see the other at all. Others talk about the other as themselves.

Thoughts exist outside the body. They move like energy force fields looking for a way into the mind, which exists only in relationship to the heart. The command center is the brain which sorts and delivers sensory messages but the known universe, if “felt” by the senses, is then interpreted in the brain. The heart acts like a connector to soul. All of these ideas or concepts such as heart, mind, soul exist outside the body “reader.”The body is a device that records and reads the data sensory information that comes to it from the outside.

So what comes from the inside? And where exactly is in? Who and what are we really?

If one were to choose, which the brain does in a millisecond, what and where one where to put ones focus and attention (as the brain will expand up to 50% when the information comes into it and choose according to focus the 10% that is perceived) on what the hearts’ command is, there would be as many interpretations of these questions as there are grains of sand on a beach. In order for there to be some comprehension and cohesiveness to a world, one would have to imagine a world that isn’t going to die. One would have to see one’s life as a mission that goes backwards and forwards in time. One would have to see a way outta here!

The only way out is in.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beyond Physics

After hearing Dr. Bruce Lipton at the NZ Chiropactic College 11 March, 2009

Everything is seeking to describe itself. To recognize itself. To Be itself.

Wherever you focus your attention there you are. You are focusing now on being present to creating an environment of love. Yet there is “not love” staring you in the face. You don’t like what you see, so you are constantly judging it, versus sitting with it until it shares its meaning and story with you. The outside dimension is constantly chattering and explaining: even writing books and giving lectures on how it is. Really there is only the experience of how it is with signs and symbols pointing the way, back to itself. The only doing is to step into IT.

There have been so many ideas, endless ideas, of what life is. This seems to be a function of the human mind: to explain everything. Nothing stays the same: everything is energy and everything is changing and moving. So what gives life its cohesiveness? The structure. Yet the structures cannot be seen with the naked eye. In fact, quantum physics says at the smallest microscopic level there is nothing! NO Structure. Yet we know that consciousness is happening at this moment and that we are but infinitesimal cells in the body of this consciousness. Some thing is happening.

Coming from the place where consciousness is embodied within a structure called a "Human Being" we see that this human being is the instrument of the consciousness that created it: that the human being accesses instructions internally, not from the brain but, from the energy itself, beyond the brain, in which it is vibrationally bathing in..

A whole organic life, a holistic world cosmos, necessitates we attune to ourselves, one another and our communities to bring forward the dream we've had since the beginning: the dream of life everlasting.

How do we communicate and how do we listen to one another? I get small in order to listen. I look out and what is reflected back to me is the playing out of my dream. I cannot dream this alone. I am not able to pop through the dream until you join me. Will you join me or will you continue to separate yourself from me with our judgments and your thoughts?

As we say "we are One", let’s dream this worldwide grid of humanity stretching like a web of pearly lights around the world. Let's beacon our "positive attractors", our loving thoughts, towards one another and for one another. Let’s see what other parts of the picture can emerge as we hold one another’s hand.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Soulful Lifetime

We chose to come into this life for the sake of embodiment and the realization of unlimited consciousness. We are choosing to come in for a Soulful Lifetime: not to be perfect but to be full of soul. There are many differing aspect of what you would call “God” that point to the physical expression but in reality we are mostly vibration.

There’s only One of Us but we express as a whole group to do something special.We are continuously born into soul groups or lineages in order to sharpen our remembering, reconstituting consciousness as we pass through life times. Like a waterfall over flowing with joy. In this state you don’t have to leave or come back. Happy and full of joy. Happy to go and happy to return. They wait for you on the other side of the bridge with out stretched arms. It’s only a little trick. a short experience.

These bodies are husks, shells, virtual reality suits. The connections between this life and the next are merely like going onto the computer and playing a game creating the scenery, the environments, the bodies change, the costuming changes remembering, calling back the parts of ourselves we loose from one life to the next. We create these realms we call “Life Times” in order to sharpen our spirit, our consciousness, to remember itself, its essence, its energy of light and single purpose in order to get used to it and to embody it in this denser reality.

When you carry a high degree of vibration you need protection. That is why I have a guard in the life time of the Druids. That is why you are born into these different bodies with different protections and layering. The game is in the varying degrees of success by virtue of the choices we make to live out of those choices. No right or wrong. Pause and reflect when you make a choice. Breath.
It's our judgments that separate us from one another.
What if we were loved for just who we are and who we are not? Just loved.

(This is half of a past life regression where I was remembering being a healer taught & protected by the Druids 18 Feb 2009)